We rent forklifts across Germany and Europe!

Transporting safely and quickly with a forklift – this is what we offer customers with our rental park. Forklifts are indispensable for transporting goods in companies. Thanks to the vehicle drive, they are self-propelled. With the help of the mast, you can load and unload storage racks and stack goods. They work well for stacking and transporting pallets with goods. For this, they are well equipped with the lifting unit, consisting of fork carrier and lifting mast. Whether a rigid or rotating telescopic forklift, an industrial forklift equipped with an electric, diesel or gas drive or an all-terrain forklift is used depends on the respective operational requirements. Each forklift has two steel tines, which are variable in distance and are moved vertically with a hydraulic system. If the forklift has a gas or electric drive, it can also be used indoors in closed storage rooms. Anyone wishing to operate such a forklift truck must have a so-called forklift license.


Rotatable telescopic forklift

Lifting height from 13,0m -30,0m
Load capacity from 3.300kg – 6.000kg

Rigid telescopic forklift

Lifting height from 6,0m – 18,0m
Load capacity from 2,500kg – 16.000kg

Industrial forklifts electric / diesel / gas

Lifting height from 3,0m – 7,20m
Load capacity from 1.500kg – 8.000kg

Terrain forklift MSI30

Lifting height from 3,0m – 5,50m
Load capacity from 2.500kg – 7.000kg