Storage technology with a system

Space can be scarce and valuable. This is especially true in a warehouse in which many things are stored on high shelves to save space. The manoeuvrable pedestrian stackers and reach trucks from MACO-TEC show their strengths where things are tight, and goods have to be reached quick and safely. They are perfect for storing or relocating goods up to a weight of 2,000 kilograms, or for picking them occasionally. Systematic storage technology with MACO-TEC.

The pedestrian stacker / hand pallet truck from MACO-TEC

If pallets have to be stacked flexibly and quickly, the pedestrian stacker / hand pallet truck is exactly the right tool. It is particularly useful in narrow aisles. Depending on the version, the pedestrian stacker / hand pallet truck from MACO-TEC can lift up to two tons in weight and up to a maximum height of 6.80 meters.

Since the spreading arms can be adjusted flexibly, all kinds of pallets can be lifted easily, as well as small containers. The tight steering radius makes the compact vehicle very flexible. All operating elements are easily accessible in the tiller head. The bracket around it protects the hands from injuries. The arm of the drawbar is long and mounted far down: This means that the distance between the drawbar stacker and the operator is large and therefore guarantees maximum safety.

Thanks to the cladding that extends deep down, the operator’s feet are also protected. As soon as the operator moves the tiller either to the lower or upper end point, the vehicle brakes automatically.

The reach truck from MACO-TEC

The reach truck is a smart special lift truck that can work with both wheels and cantilever at the same time. The fork can be lowered to the ground and takes loads of up to 2 tons. When it comes to transporting goods within a hall, the reach truck with its electric drive is your first choice.

It lifts the load up to 12 meters, transports it quickly and safely and – thanks to its modern technology – is free of any emissions. It’s preferred area of ​​application are narrow aisles between high shelves: this is where it stores and retrieves pallets quick and safe. If the hall floor is light and sensitive, the reach truck can be equipped with white tires on request and won’t leave any black traces of wear (non-marking tires).

The built-in lithium-ion battery supplies the reach truck with sufficient energy. If the working day lasts longer than planned, the battery is quickly fit again: it only needs half an hour at the charging station until it gains back 50 percent of energy.

Rent pedestrian stacker / hand pallet truck and reach truck

Wherever goods have to be moved quick and save in halls, pedestrian stackers or reach trucks are ideal. It allows efficient work processes, lift pallets, save time and thus reduce costs. This applies to logistics in retail, but also to many other industries. Their compact design enables them to be used in narrow aisles.