“The greatest happiness on earth is sitting in the saddle of a horse” – or sometimes it’s just to know the right people. This is also the case with the riding club LRFV Köngen e.V.

Because after many years of makeshift repairs, it was decided that the horse stable had to be renovated. In addition to the conversion of the stalls, renovation of the drinking tubs and painting work, the lamps in the stable and the riding hall were also taken care of. They were decided to be replaced by LED lamps so that in future, electricity can be saved across the entire buildings.

However, reaching it with a normal ladder was impossible, which would bring us back to the right people. Maco-Tec employee Igor Klaric has known the technical director of the LRFV Köngen e.V. for several years through equestrian sport and was happy to advise on the equipment, suitable for height access. Eventually, a lifting platform was used in the stable for the painting work and lamps, as well as two more in the riding hall. The LRFV Köngen e.V. confirmed us that the whole process went smoothly and thanked us for the great help and service. We are grateful for this compliment and wish LRFV Köngen e.V. all the best.


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Managing director Marc Mössner, as well as the rest of the Maco-Tec team, is enthusiastic about sports and likes to support young people. The club’s tennis facility has new benches so that there is time to catch a breath while preparing for the new season and during training. Namely from Maco-Tec.

Because at the end of the season of the tennis club Weiß-Rot Stuttgart (TCWR), there are some successes for the youth section: Unbeaten district champion with the U12 juniors. Advancement of the U15 juniors to the season league, the top division for U15s. And the U18 juniors were also able to celebrate another rise: In 2023 they will start in district season 1.

We think this great achievement is definitely worth supporting.

Teleskop Stapler

Our new rental device Magni TH 5.5.19 is a rigid telescopic forklift with a load capacity of 5.5 tons. It is particularly suitable for systems in the construction industry and with its all-wheel drive, it can safely reach a lifting height of 18.80 m even on rough terrain.

Magni 5.5.19

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We are happy to do good and support this years Charity-Event e-lake with a forklift for assembly and dismantling. The charity concert in Luxembourg will take place on 06.08. – 08.08.2021 in favor of those affected and damaged by the flood disaster.

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We are happy about our new partnership with Sinoboom. Find out more about the new work platforms in our article.

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Bobcat T40180

New machine from Bobcat in our rental park: Bobcat telehandler T40.180

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At MACO-TEC we are constantly adding the most modern machines to our rental fleet. This way we can offer you a wide selection of forklifts and work platforms for your project. The latest addition to our range comes from the company JLG.
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Working platforms make work easier and save a lot of time. For those who have to aim high for maintenance and repair work, a work platform is the right basis for safe work.

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Sinoboom GN

New vehicles have arrived in our rental park.

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