Working platforms make work easier

Find out where our different work platforms are used in this article.

Working on the facade

With the help of a working platform, all work on the facade can be carried out unrestrictedly at a lofty height. You can plaster, paint, insulate or renovate facades. Since the work platform’s people basket is manoeuvrable, all areas on the facade – that are otherwise difficult to access – can be easily reached with it. The size of the work basket can be selected according to the intended activity. Larger components can further be lifted up with a forklift or an excavator. With the help of a working platform, windows can be replaced, lighting can be installed or gutters and other components can be installed on the facade.

Working in the garden and forest

Lifting platforms are also ideal for agricultural and forestry work. Tree tops can be checked for damage, and the nests of the oak processionary moths can be removed more easily. Thanks to the retractable hinged basket, nobody comes into contact with the spinner’s nests. Working on branches can also be done more easily with the help of a work platform. For work in private gardens, trailers with a working platform can be used and large hedges can be trimmed much easier.

Painting and varnishing work

If work surfaces are at a greater height, painters and varnishers can work more easily on a work platform. All materials and paint buckets can be transported with the help of the work basket. In contrast to a fixed scaffold, the work platform is much more flexible and the change of location is way faster.

Demolition work

If a building has to be demolished in whole or in part, the working platform also helps. All areas can be reached selectively on it. If all materials have to be carefully separated from each other during demolition, the demolition can be carried out specifically from the basket. In addition, the worker stands much safer on the work platform: If a part of the building collapses earlier than expected, he is safe in the work basket and can also demolish the building from top to bottom.

Building cleaning

Anyone who has to clean large windows and facades can hardly work without a work platform. On the upper floors, it can also be used to easily clean the windows that cannot be opened from the inside. Since the building cleaner can control the work basket on the work platform himself, he can easily reach all windows. If a glass roof is to be cleaned, the work basket must be equipped with a long and manoeuvrable telescope. This ensures that the basket reaches over the roof and the building cleaner can clean the roof from there. The gutters can also be cleaned easily and efficiently with the help of the work platform: the building cleaner who works there simply removes leaves and debris from the open gutter and transports everything down with the work basket. If a chimney is difficult to access via the roof, the work platform helps the chimney sweep with the chimney cleaning. The same goes for large industrial fireplaces.

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