Moving loads made easy

Forklift trucks make work easier wherever heavy loads have to be moved. They make transporting a wide variety of goods child’s play.
When it comes to how and where forklifts can be used sensibly, the following questions provide a rough guide.

  • What distances does the forklift have to cover with its loads?
  • How long is the forklift in use every day and which weights should be moved?
  • Is the forklift only used for the transport of pallets, collies or lattice boxes? Or is it also required in other areas such as container loading or in difficult terrain.
  • What weights and at what center of gravity does the forklift have to be able to lift and transport them?
  • Up to what working height does the forklift have to work?

Diesel engine truck

Forklifts with diesel engines. If a forklift truck is used outdoors and has to lift and transport heavy loads, forklifts with diesel engines are usually preferred. In contrast, such a forklift can only be used indoors if it has the necessary fine dust filter and exhaust gas purification so that it can also be used in closed rooms.

The forklifts with diesel engines are suitable for continuous use, even on rough terrain. If the ground is unpaved or uneven, they show their strengths accordingly. They are extremely resistant and robust and have sufficient power reserves. The telescopic forklifts can reach a working height of up to 30 meters – this makes them extremely interesting for the individual trades in construction or steel construction.

Electric motor forklift truck

Electric motor forklifts are mainly used in halls and buildings. Powerful batteries supply the electric forklifts with the energy they need to drive them for up to 8 working hours. The batteries are optimally charged overnight at the charging station at regular intervals.

The tires of the electric forklifts are designed in such a way that they do not leave any traces of wear on the hall floor (non-marking tires).
Forklift trucks with electric motors work quietly and are mostly to be found in automotive plants or clean room construction sites. You are completely free of emissions.

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