Using a work platforms pays off

Working platforms make work easier and save a lot of time. For those who have to aim high for maintenance and repair work, a work platform is the right basis for safe work.

Fall-proof at work

A scissor lift, articulated work platform or telescopic platform is used depending on the respective conditions. Each of the aerial work platforms has a CE certificate and thus guarantees the highest level of safety for the people working on it. The even and closed floor of the working platform guarantees the necessary stability, while the guardrail, knee and foot rails prevents falling. Working platforms are increasingly replacing ladders when it comes to working at greater height, and make work much easier while increasing safety at the same time.

Buy or Rent? Your investment in an aerial platform.

Obtaining a work platform is certainly expensive and only worthwhile if needed almost every day. Yet, work platforms can simply be rented for as long as they are actually needed. At MACO-TEC there is a large selection of different work platforms.

A scissor lift, articulated work platform or telescopic platform can be rented depending on the requirements placed on the work platform and the use for which the work platform is intended. Depending on the chassis, a working platform can be used not only on a level surface, but also in the field. If a working platform is to be rented and used in such special areas as above shafts or on ceilings, the total weight determines the correct selection of the respective working platform. It depends on the nature and the load-bearing capacity of the respective subsurface. Find out more about renting a work platform..

Typical areas of application

Painting work

Every painter knows and trusts working platforms. Because if you want to go high, you can count on it. As a big advantage, all materials and paint buckets can be transported in the work platform basket. The stages are flexible and a change of location is much faster than with firmly anchored machines.

Facade work

Unrestricted work at lofty heights – this is possible with work platforms. Facades can be plastered, painted, insulated or renovated. In particular, areas of a facade that are difficult to access can be easily reached with the right working platform.


In agriculture and forestry, work platforms of the lift type are ideally suited. In this way, tree tops can be checked for damage or nests can be removed more easily.

Building and window cleaning

Working platforms are the solution for cleaning buildings and windows. Gutters, for example, are efficiently freed of leaves and weeds with the help of the work platform. Everything is collected directly through the work basket and keeps things organized. The work platform is also suitable for cleaning chimneys.

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